About Me

Living at Fleece Cottage, it was rather inevitable that I would end up doing this…

I’ve always been a creative type, with a strong background in music and art. After working in the higher education sector, I’m now at home full-time with two young children and looking to get back into the creative side of things.

View from Fleece Cottage…

I admit to being a complete sensualist – knitting for me is all about the feel and texture of working with fine yarns such as silk and merino wool, the gleam and glow of beautiful shades and tints, and producing a unique, handmade item. I believe that the process of making things should be as satisfying as the end result and one’s materials are more than just a means to an end.

Having said that, silk doesn’t lend itself to baby clothes, so as well as kitting out the kids in more hardwearing handmade items, I’ve got interested in lace knitting (or knitted lace? Ha, that’s a blog post waiting to happen!) especially the Shetland and Estonian regional styles.

I love the tiny details on handmade objects, the feel of stones in the sunshine, the gleam of colours simmering in the dyepot, sitting on top of mountains and think that no weekend is complete without coffee and croissants.

Some of my favourite mountains to sit on! Working around to sitting on them all…



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