Shop update day: February Skies and Valentine’s Day

This week’s shop update (Thursday 13th Feb, 8pm GMT) is a game of two halves. The majority of the newly dyed yarn is themed around “February Skies”, a range of hazy greys, blues and purples. The colours represent the subtle hues in the changing winter skies and there are some beautiful silks in the ‘pale and interesting’ vein:

L-R: Tussah Silk Lace in “The winter has chilled my veins”, Tussah Silk Lace in “The marsh is frozen” and Mulberry Silk Lace in “The winter has chilled my veins”

And moving more towards twilight skies, there are a couple of skeins in complex dusky blues:

L-R: Tussah Silk Lace in “Cold evening glow” and Mulberry Silk Lace in “Wild night sky”

We also have a gorgeous and luxurious new yarn base – a fingering yarn which is 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Please note that this base comes in 50g skeins, rather than 100g! Beautifully soft with a silky sheen, the three skeins here are a matching set in a mother of pearl silvery-pink:

Cashmere/Silk Fingering in “Another song of February”

In case it was all getting a bit too chilly with the ‘February Skies’ theme, there are bold, rich reds and purples for Valentine’s Day! The colours below are also available in Tussah Silk Lace.

From top: Both Mulberry Silk Lace in “Look in thy heart” and “Red red rose”









So with spring just around the corner, let’s celebrate February’s colours before they fade – see you Thursday!



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