Gossamer threads

I can’t say that I’ve ever been intimidated by yarn before, but this one certainly is pretty scary…

This is Phoenix by The Gossamer Web, a lovely Etsy shop that sells beautiful hand dyed ultra-thin lace yarns. To show you just how fine it is, here’s a pic with a penny to show the scale. The Phoenix is a gorgeous rich blue with flashes of green.

The Gossamer Web Phoenix 2/52 in ‘Lapis’

The pale silvery lilac yarn next to it is Fleece Cottage Yarns Mulberry Silk, a mere 900m per 100g. The Phoenix is 2600m per 100g – almost 3 times finer… There aren’t that many sources of gossamer yarn in the UK and it’s not one I’m planning on adding to the Fleece Cottage repertoire (!) so I’m very pleased to have tracked this skein down. It’s a blend of merino, silk and cashmere, so hopefully it will have the elasticity needed for Shetland lace but will still hold the blocking nicely due to the silk. I’m going to try it with 2mm needles, but may have to go down to 1.75mm.

The pattern I have in mind for this is Sharon Miller’s Love Darg Prize Shawl, which will be my first gossamer Shetland project (a big tick for the New Year’s resolutions list!). A darg is an old Scottish word for the work produced over a day and ‘love darg’ became the name of the craft competition run by early 1900s magazine, The People’s Friend (the source of this pattern).

My first challenge is try and stop reading the pattern title as ‘Love Dawg’….

Taking a deep breath and off to try and wind the Phoenix – let’s see how I get on…



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