New stock at Fleece Cottage Yarns

January update time at Fleece Cottage Yarns!

Over the Christmas break I managed to get quite a bit of dyeing done. As part of my New Year resolutions I have challenged myself to knit a garment and so I was dyeing some skeins to start a light cardigan. The rest are destined for the shop and you can have a peek at them below…

Two shimmery mulberry silks to start things off – a silvery pearly pink and a warm rose gold. These sorts of colours look so amazing on a mulberry silk base. I’ve dyed similar silvery colours before and it just works so well on laceweight silk that I think it will make a regular appearance in the shop (this one actually sold by the time I had finished the update!)

Rose gold and silver pearl


Two red Tussah silks – one a rich red with flashes of teal and the other just on the point of dark pink turning to red .

Rich Tussah reds


A few merino/silk laceweights – (clockwise from top left) a coral pink-gold, two matching skeins in blackened emerald (much more saturated in real life – my camera is struggling with greens…), a sea-teal with grey and earth tones and a dark red-brown.

Merino/silk laceweights

This last one is one of a pair of skeins for my laceweight Simplicity Cardigan. First garment in laceweight – not sure this is one of my best ideas…

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