A resolute New Year

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Christmas, but for me this time of year is all about a fresh beginning and getting things in order. I love the clean feeling of January and New Year resolutions are right up my street. I’m usually pretty good at keeping them, so let’s hope that I don’t jinx things by committing these craft-related ones to the blog… Well, we’ll find out next year!

In 2014, I want to

  • knit my first adult-sized garment – sooner or later I’m going to have to face my tension swatch demons…
  • try out gradient dyeing – quite fancy sorting out some pure silk gradient sets for the shop
  • knit my first pair of ‘proper’ gloves – OK, I’m actually on attempt 3 with these now after trying to knit cables in semi-darkness getting the baby to sleep and then the baby pulling it all off the needles later on… But they are going to get done in 2014.
  • knit my first pair of socks – again, I have the beginnings of a sock which I abandoned to work on other things. My husband has reluctantly agreed to be a sock guinea pig, which means they have to be plain, black and boring.
  • knit something from the Heirloom Knitting book/website – this has the potential to wipe out all of the above, but I keep hankering after these patterns and it would be a great achievement… and no, the cobweb baby bootees don’t count!

And since it’s the New Year, a glance at my handy knitmeter tells me that in 2013 I managed to get through 5.71 miles of yarn. Don’t really know how it ended up being so much, but if I do go down the Heirloom Knitting project route, 2014’s total may well be higher…

I’ve been busy dyeing over the break and this little lot is a sneak preview of some of the batch:

First batch of new year yarn… the rest is still drying

The majority of them will be appearing in the Etsy shop once they are photographed and reskeined. Inevitably, a couple may be relocated to my stash…

Happy New Year!

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