Silver grey and berry red

Due to my baby son pouring a glass of water over my laptop, updates have been a bit thin on the ground… but now we’re back up and running.

There’s been more knitting than dyeing going on at Fleece Cottage in recent weeks in the mad rush leading up to Christmas but I’m working on a big update to the shop in the new year. There’ll be lots of laceweight on a variety of bases and some fingering yarns too. The shop has been pleasingly active so stocks are dwindling, but there are still a few lovely skeins left…

Aside from all the gift knitting, I’ve finished the laceweight Premonition and donated it to the village fundraising auction:

‘Premonition in the Mists’ – Fleece Cottage Yarns Mulberry Silk Lace

Detail of ‘Premonition’

I’m really pleased with the colour and with how the mulberry silk base has turned out. The subtle colour combined with the lighter yarn really works and it looks totally different to the fingering weight silk/mohair version I made some months back. This silk holds its block very crisply and really benefits from a good old stretch on the blocking boards. The result is an ethereal and delicate fabric.

Another month, another mystery knit-a-long… This one is my treat for all the Christmas gift knitting I’m doing this year. The Boo-Knits Advent knit-a-long calls for 4ply/fingering weight this time so I thought I’d use it to test out a new base. I wanted a rich festive colour for the scarf and have come up with this:

Yarn and beads for ‘Boo Humbug’ – testing out the silk/merino 4ply

It’s a 50:50 blend of merino and silk and is gorgeously soft. It should make a nice snuggly scarf but still have some drape from the silk. This is going to be a slow background project as there are just too many other things going on, but it’s a great pattern to just dip in and out of.

My reward for all the Christmas cooking is some relaxing time among the dyepots – looking forward to updating the shop with the results!

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