Forthcoming attractions…

A few ‘au naturel’ photos of the yarn that will soon be added to the shop

Ready to go..

.They still need reskeining before having their beauty shots. I going to have to rig up something different for the photos now that the natural light outside is getting poor…

I’m really pleased with this one, a mulberry silk laceweight. To me it looks like the colours of an enchanted forest – silvery pale greens, sage, blush pink, and a darker mossy green. On a shiny base like silk, it has a lovely effect and I think it would make a very special project.

Mulberry Silk Lace in ‘The dreaming forest’

Another mulberry silk laceweight, this time in shades of amethyst. A beautiful jewel-like skein that would easily suit a range of lace projects – who doesn’t like purple?

Mulberry Silk Lace

This is a new fingering weight silk in a rich electric blue. To be honest, I think I’m going to overdye it to make it a bit more solid as I think there might be a bit too much variegation at the moment…

Mulberry Silk Fingering

I’m not going to even try and capture the other blue-green skein without very careful lighting as it’s just the sort of colour my camera refuses to deal with. It’s a lovely peacock blue with flashes of green on a merino-silk base. I won’t let it beat me – I WILL get an accurate photo!

(The dark purple/red Tussah in the top photo has already been on the blog and is already in the shop…)

Right, now I need to get on and reskein them  and get them on Etsy!

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2 Responses to Forthcoming attractions…

  1. So pretty! I love the sheen on mullbery silk

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