Morticia MKAL – here be spoilers…

Look away now if you don’t want to see how the Boo-Knits mystery knit-a-long is unfolding…. Last chance…

OK, so we are now coming up to the final ‘clue’ of Morticia and I love how it’s coming along. Here is the progress made over the first two ‘clues’:

L-R: Clue 1, clue 2, clue 2 detail

From the photos you can see how I’ve struggled to capture the teal overtones in the dark yarn – it’s a hard one to photograph. I’m really pleased with my choice of beads though; for a shawl with 1000 beads it looks like it will be very wearable.

And here is where we are up to tonight, the end of clue 3:

Morticia ready for the final clue…

(This is probably the most accurate depiction of the colour)

The Tussah silk that I’m using is fabulous, finer than the other Tussahs I’ve used before but it still has a subtle halo and ‘wooliness’. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it blocks out at the end. This kind of silk looks wonderfully rustic in comparison with mulberry, and is a fantastic choice if you want something more textured but still having the style and drape that you would expect from silk.

I love how the lace is opening up and can’t wait to see how the border is designed. Ah well, not long to wait now…

In other news the shop has been taking more orders and is still in need of restocking, I got a few skeins dyed at the weekend (still waiting on delivery of more silks) but I’m claiming one for myself and my post-Morticia project… more anon!

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