Wintry silks to replenish the shop

Two exciting bits of news… firstly, all the pure silks have sold out of the Etsy shop, so I’ve listed a couple more Tussahs this evening. And as a result of the sales, I’ve listed Fleece Cottage Yarns in the Ravelry database!

Ravelry listing for Fleece Cottage Yarns

Somehow it seems more real when you see it in black and white on the Ravelry database. I realise that I’m assuming that all knitters know about Ravelry – if you’ve not come across it, then it’s quite simply the most comprehensive, interactive – and enjoyable – yarn/fibre/knitting site on t’internet.

Lots of editing to be done once the admin access is sorted out, but I’m pretty excited about this!

Both the new Tussahs in the shop are dark and rich colours, perfect for wintry projects. The first is a darkened red going through a plummy purple to navy:

Firelight and Nightfall – Tussah Silk Lace (photo links to Etsy listing)

The second is a laceweight version of the “Night-coloured wine” colourway that I originally dyed on the 4ply merino base (second picture below):

Night-coloured wine – Tussah Silk Lace (photo links to Etsy listing)

The original ‘Night-coloured wine’ on merino 4ply (photo links to Etsy listing)

I loved this colour so much and thought it would be fabulous on silk. Yes, they are on different bases, but I’m quite pleased about the ‘repeatability’ of this colour. I’ve reluctantly added it to the shop, but I think I’ll be dyeing myself a skein of my own very soon.

As the shop could do with restocking, more mulberry laceweights will be on the way, so do check back after the weekend…

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