“What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly…” (Morticia Addams)

I’m back from my holidays and full of plans for some sock yarns in lovely coastal colours…

As the holidays are over it means that it’s almost time for the Boo Knits Hallowe’en mystery knit-a-long – I’m so excited about my Morticia shawl!  One of the best and worst parts of the knit-a-long so far has been choosing yarn. The best part is deciding on the mood of your own project and coming up with a yummy combination of yarn and beads (and checking out everyone else’s choices)  but the worst bit is committing to one choice – don’t know how many times I’ve changed my mine…

But I’ve made my final choice and it’s an overdyed skein of Tussah silk laceweight. This was the original one:

Original dark blue skein

Although I like the ‘moonlight in the night sky’ feel of the this one, I felt there was just a bit too much light-dark variegation for an all over lace pattern which uses two colours of beads. So after a little bath in some teal and navy dye, here is the new and improved version:

A bit darker in reality…

This one is just a bit richer and more subtle in its contrasts so I think it’s going to work much better. As there are going to be 1000 beads worked into the shawl, I decided I didn’t want them to be too blingy or fight against each too much, so I’m going with two similar beads:

Yarn colour is a bit more true to life here

On the left are Carnival blue iris Matsuno seed beads (size 6) and on the right are some mystery beads that I found in a wool shop – they are dark blue, silver-lined seed beads and I’m guessing that they are round about a size 6.

All ready to go for 1 October…

Yarn and beads together

In the meantime, I’m finishing off a load of wips (works in progress – of which there are quite a few) and putting the finishing touches to my Etsy shop! You may have noticed the new Etsy link on the right sidebar – do go and have a nosy around, there’ll be a lot more yarn added over the next couple of days!

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