Dyeing and Overdyeing

So here are the long-awaited photos from the weekend’s dyeing session. It’s just a small batch this week as I was waiting on a silk order which didn’t arrive in time… Anyway, I wasn’t too disappointed, as I’m really pleased with this lot. So without further ado, on to the pretty photos.

This merino 4ply yarn is smack bang in the middle of autumn, with some gorgeous complex dark browns and purples. To achieve this I dyed it brown first and then overdyed it with purple later. I love the depth of the colour here and it’s even richer in real life. I think I’m planning to make this colourway in a laceweight base – it would be wonderful in pure silk.

Merino 4ply in dark browns and purples

Then we have its complete tonal opposite. This is a merino/silk lace and the silk content lends a beautiful shimmer to those pale greens, blues, greys and purples. I think this sort of subtle variegation works well on lace patterns as it adds interest without obscuring the lace stitches. Some people do manage to pair up variegated yarns and lace work, but it very depends on the pattern and colour combination – it’s a bit of a high wire act…

Subtly variegated merino/silk lace

And then we’ve got another overdyed yarn, this time on the merino/silk lace base, which totally wouldn’t behave for the camera. It’s an elusive mix of almost-bottle-greens and forest greens with jade highlights, but it kept photographing weirdly, so you’ll have to trust me on this one. This photo is the best I could do, but it’s darker and richer in the flesh, so to speak. It’s lovely though and one that I might have to nab for myself.

One badly behaved skein of merino/silk lace

Silk, silk and more silk is the plan for next time. And I’ve finally, finally, finalised my choice for the Boo Knits Hallowe’en knit-a-long, which involved overdyeing a finished skein – I’m so indecisive. But the yarn is done and the beads are bought so there’s no going back now…

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