Autumn tones and jewel colours

There are so many new yarns this week that I’m going to review them in two sets!

First up is one of my favourites (actually I have a lot of favourites in this batch!), a variegated sock yarn in beautiful autumnal colours. Being hand painted they aren’t completely identical, but they are pretty good match and make a great pair. I love variegated yarns like this where the differing colours are all tonal but then have one pop of contrast to lift it (in this case the green).

Autumn coloured merino 4ply

Another luxurious mulberry silk lace this time in rich purple with touches of lighter amethyst. This one may make a bid for being the Boo Knits knit-a-long yarn, if I don’t find it an alternative home. The choice is getting rather difficult now… Anyway, I think these colours just sing on the silky base and are so well suited for definition in lace patterns.

Rich purple mulberry silk lace

And then we have a softer green Blue-Faced Leicester laceweight, so far my only 100% wool lace yarn. Instead of the sheen of silk, we have a cosy and soft yarn which would be perfect for a fine lace project for everyday wear. The green tones here range from leaf green through to a greyer sage green.

Soft green BFL lace

Next time I’ve got the skeins that use my new laceweight base, a 75% merino and 25% silk blend and it’s wonderful – soft, satiny, springy and full of colour…

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