Lots of irons in the fire

Back home from the north (also ‘home’ – confusing), and the horseshoe lace scarf is done.

Finished Horseshoe Lace Scarf in Fyberspates Hyaline Silk Lace

I’ve managed to decontaminate my copy of Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting (bit of a stinky second-hand copy), and am now considering my first proper cobweb weight lace project based on some of the motifs collected in this fabulous book. I’m working my way up (or should that be down?) to gossammer weight yarn, which is some of the finest yarn that you can knit with. We’re talking round about 3000m per 100g (as opposed to something like 400m for 4ply/sock yarns). First, I’m going to need some teeny tiny needles, though. Watch this space…

I’ve also just finished an afternoon’s dyeing, which also included temporarily dyeing my forehead, not something I would recommend. I’ve got some skeins of Tussah and Mulberry silk drying outside at the moment and I can’t wait to share some photos of them on this blog. A couple of them could be good options for the Boo Knits KAL, but I’m sure that won’t stop me dyeing a few more options! Photos to follow very soon…

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