Silky Shetland Horseshoes

As I’ll won’t be able to do any dyeing for the next few days, I’m hoping to make some progress on the projects that need finishing before the Hallowe’en knit-a-long. On the needles at the moment is a silk scarf in Fyberspates Hyaline Silk Lace. This mulberry silk is great to work with but very slippery.

Horseshoe Lace in Mulberry Wine, Fyberspates Hyaline Silk

The scarf is based on a traditional Shetland lace pattern called horseshoe lace, or less commonly, Print o’ the Hoof. The latter name links it to the more famous Print o’ the Wave, which illustrates the movement of the sea and the marks it leaves on the shore.

In addition to being lovely to look at, the Shetland lace stitches have wonderfully descriptive names such as Candlelight, Cat’s Paw and Bird’s Eye.

I’m hoping that in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be able to offer hand-dyed yarn for sale on Etsy alongside richly-coloured lace scarves and shawls based on traditional Shetland designs. I think the timeless look of Shetland lace can look fantastic in modern colours (although they are elegant in the usual white too) and the scarves would be a perfect bit of everyday luxury. The next one I’ve planned is based on the Old Shale pattern and I have a fabulous blue-purple silk that I’m desperate to use! But first, head down, got to finish this one…

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