Boo Knits Mystery Knit-A-Long

If you haven’t seen any of the wonderful patterns from Boo Knits, then do yourself a favour – make yourself a coffee, put your feet up and browse through the photos of her work on Ravelry.

The shawl patterns look beautifully intricate but are really user-friendly. The latest one, Morticia is a Halloween-themed mystery knit-a-long with the Boo Ravelry Group, with the pattern being released in stages through October. We don’t know how it’s going to look until we get to the end!

As a girl with gothic tendencies, this one is perfect for me and I’m hoping to dye the perfect shade for my Morticia shawl. I was playing around with some dark, gothic shades at the weekend and came up with this purple:

I think for the real thing I’d like a more saturated colour and aim for slightly less variegation. This is just a test skein in superwash merino 4ply but I’m probably going to go for a laceweight Tussah silk when it comes to it.This one certainly looks wild, brooding and mysterious though – perfect for a Hallowe’en project!

But now I’m wondering if I should go with a spectral, spiderweb silver-grey with twinkling beads. Decisions, decisions…

To whet your appetite, some photos of my previous Boo Knits shawls are in the Projects Gallery.

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